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Revised ICT Sector codes

by Innovative Consulting

Posted in February 2016

Department of Trade and Industry

The Department of Trade and Industry have released the revised ICT Sector codes for comment.

A summary of proposed changes to the ICT Sector Codes:

  • The ICT Codes have been amended to include priority elements and sub-minimum requirements, similar to the Generic Codes.
  • The ICT Generic scorecard has a possible 138 points that can be obtained and Ownership contributes 17,4% of the score.
  • Sub-racial categories have been introduced under Management Control with 4 additional points available for black participation at Board and the other Executive Management levels.
  • The sub-racial categories will apply to Skills Development.
  • Under Procurement, no Supplier or Enterprise Development Plans are required to exclude imports.
  • Supplier Development is based on 2% of NPAT for 10 points and Enterprise Development is based on 3% NPAT for 15 points.
  • Socio Economic Development is based on 1.5% of NAPT for 12 points and 2/3 of the contributions has to be ICT Sector specific initiatives.
  • In order to gain Empowering Supplier status, companies complying with the ICT Sector Code have 7 options to choose from compared to 5 under the Generic code.

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