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BEE has become a reality of doing business in South Africa. We recognize the huge demand placed upon business by new legislation. This complex legislation is extremely onerous and carries fines and penalties for non compliance.

Innovative Consulting provides the option of consultancy to address this challenge:

We aim to provide services to suit our clients personalised needs and to deliver our services in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We believe in educating our clients and assisting them through each step of the BEE process.

Latest: Updates from the "dti"

  1. Empowering Supplier Status
  2. All verifications completed on or after 1 May 2016 will automatically be granted Empowering Supplier status, until further notice.

  3. Amended Construction Sector Code
  4. The Construction Sector has been published for public comment with effect 28 October 2016 for 60 days

  5. Defence Industry Codes
  6. The DTI has proposed a sector Code specific to the defence industry. This is published in accordance with the BBBEE Act.

  7. ICT Sector Code
  8. The ICT Sector Code is officially being launched on the 8th of November 2016.

  9. Exit of IRBA
  10. With effect 1 October 2016, only SANAS Accredited Verification agencies are authorised to conduct BBBEE verifications and issue BBBEE Certificates.

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Services offered: Our expertise


  • BEE Assessments & Strategy
  • BEE Strategy Implementation
  • Formal BEE Rating Preparation
  • Score Maintenance
  • BEE Training

Skills Development:

  • Ensure compliance with the Skills Development Act
  • Skills Development Planning
  • Workplace Skills Plans
  • Alignment of Skills Development to BEE

Employment Equity:

  • Ensure Legal compliance with the Employment Equity Act
  • Employment Equity Planning
  • Employment Equity Reporting
  • Alignment of Employment Equity to BEE